Servicing and Repair

A service contract for peace of mind.

As with anything electrical or mechanical, regular servicing and maintenance ensures many years of reliable service and also helps prevent future problems that may arise. 

Fixed price servicing and breakdown cover

We’ve introduced a scheme that guarantees fixed price servicing and breakdown cover for your automated gate and associated systems. This provides for regular servicing of your automated gate system as well as covering labour costs in the event of any malfunction.

Peace of mind that comes from knowing that:

  • Your system has been regularly serviced, maximising long term reliability

  • The electrical and mechanical safety mechanisms have been regularly tested

  • The emergency release system will operate properly if you have a power failure

  • You only have to make one phone call should your system need attention

  • Your service call will take priority over non-scheme members.

  • All labour costs are fixed and paid in advance (you only pay for any parts required).

What’s included?

  • Lubrication of all mechanical parts and check for oil leaks

  • Checking gate alignment and hinges

  • Checking electrical connections

  • Safety release testing option

  • Safety beam operation and cleaning

  • Control unit cleaning

  • Radio remote operation checks.

* Where a call out/repair is necessitated by accidental or malicious damage, or interference with the system by parties other than ACCESS CONTROL LTD, a call out charge will apply at our current rates.





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