We offer a full range of key pads from a simple keypad throught to built in card readers and GSM keypads.


Below are just a few options avaiable.



UHPPOTE 125Khz EM-ID Metal Case RFID Access Control Keypad With Back Light Support 500 User


Metal case for better protection. Non-waterproof 
Support 500 standard users 
Support entry modes: Password Only / ID Card Only / Password + ID Card 
Can add card number and delete card number as your requirement 
Classical appearance with useful function 
Alarm function 
With lock relay output, secure / normal Mode, NO / NC output 
Built-in bell button can connect a external bell 
Built-in proximity card reader (125KHZ ASK modulation) 
Built-in keypad for PIN code entry 
Sensitively and response quickly 
Auxiliary input & auxiliary output 
8 Auxiliary Modes including : door ajar, forced door, shunt, door monitor, normal / secure 
Internal buzzer 
2 status/programming interface LED'S 
3 user levers: normal user, secure user, master user 
Code search feature that helps make maintaining user codes easier 
Built-in case and back tamper bell, chime, siren, battery backup, tamper output features available with IBA power supplies 
Programmable siren time 
Programmable lock strike release time


Input Voltage: DC12V
Frequency: 125kHz
Compatible Cards: All 26-bit EM cards (Can't support some encrypted cards,such as HID, Cobra, APCiK etc)
Operation Temperature: -31C~ 63C
Net Weight: Approx. 410g / 0.9lbs

1 x Metal Door Access Control
1 x User Manual


PIN2PARK® Remotely Managed Pinpad for Secure Car Park Access

on't let the 'barrier to entry' be the barrier to entry!Designed for temporary 'on-demand' parking entrance control...

  • Remotely managed access control used in tandem with existing access

  • Works with any electric gate, barrier, shutter with NO disruption to users

  • Manage on-demand user access by app, Web browser or integrate by API 

  • Branded faceplate design & print included

  • 3 Year replacement warranty!



PIN•3G PIN Code Access with Remote User Management

PINPAD-3G is simple keyless entry using 3G mobile technology. Managers add or delete users by web browser or App in seconds providing each user a unique PIN code for to up to 1000 different users - 100 with time or date restrictions! The Managers can receive SMS alerts when a selected PIN is used or if the door is left open too long. Never before has such powerful control been so simple. Ideal for Airbnb guest and gated parking access.

  • PIN•3G is stand alone Web & App managed access control
  • 'Piggyback' existing access systems to phase out old cards / fobs
  • No need for internet connection - a SIM card is all you need!
  • Low cost to implement and cheaper to run than all other access systems
  • Compatible with any type of electronic door lock or gate
  • Includes Caller ID entry - User mobile phones as ' virtual fobs'

y or delete it.



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